KB Alpacas offers many in-depth services geared to both the new and experienced alpaca owner. Please contact us for a greater explanation. The following services are available at KB Alpacas.

  • Boarding/agistment: If you are looking for a location to board your alpacas where quality matters, KB Alpacas is just the place. We provide all the routine care-worming, nail trimming, body condition testing and monthly weighing. In addition, we will assist in showing and marketing your alpacas. We can provide plenty of attention for as long as you need.
  • Breeding:  We offer drive-by breedings or you can leave your female with us. 
  • Consulting:  We offer professional herd evaluations and recommendations.  The evaluations will identify the positives as well as the underdeveloped areas concerning the conformation and fiber traits of your herd.  We’ll evaluate your farm layout, your herd management, your sire/dam selections, your resulting offspring and provide recommendations. 
  • Financing of Purchases: 25% down, 12 monthly payments at 0% interest or 33% down, 24 monthly payments. Call for information concerning additional months interest.
  • Training:  We conduct educational seminars geared to both the new and experienced alpaca owner.

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